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Ethos Educare is the autonomous organization founded with a purpose of spreading the virtue of information and knowledge and imparting value based career oriented modern practical education and skill training. It is financially self dependent and is self governing in the matter of admission, course design, exams and award of certificates. The quality education is provided to all without any bias of caste color or creed with the objective of serving humanity and development of world.

The Mission

Ethos Educare is founded with a mission of bringing about education and training revolution by providing most advanced world standard quality education to the people using latest information and technology. The prime objective is to provide latest, effective, efficient and practical oriented education and training resulting in dynamic and meaningful growth of personalities and careers.  The focus is on students and their needs and the courses are designed to develop insight, breadth of vision, creativity and thinking attitude. We believe that such individuals with vision and positive attitude and equipped with skills based on knowledge will prove leaders and role models of the future world.

Highlights of Ethos Educare

  • The ultramodern education and skill training organization.
  • International repute.
  • Latest information and technology.
  • Focusing on individual.
  • Systematic and scientific teaching methods.
  • Opening up new horizons and fields for fast and sustained growth in life.

The Objectives

  • Allround personality development of students.
  • Development of professional attitude, insight and vision.
  • Development of progressive and positive attitude in life.
  • Changing the perception of education from a boring necessity of life to a great fun, biggest asset, and a true friend for life.
  • Providing value based career oriented education.
  • Continuing education for a progressive growth in life.
  • Research and development for exploring new horizons.

Ethos culture

At ethos we believe in inherent talent and worth of human beings and their ability to strive for and achieve excellence when provided with right opportunity and quality training. Quality education can help people in self development leading to self realization and finding true self identity besides serving the purpose of becoming self dependent.

Ethos Educare is a family. Once part of this family it will be your life time relationship with the organization and fellow beings. This coveted association with the network of modern knowledge and growing personalities will prove a true friend through the journey of growth of life. Being an Ethosian will bring the qualitative change in you towards being a complete human being through the development of holistic dynamic personality, ethics, integrity, values, wisdom and free expression of self for a sustained growth in life. The approach followed is realization of self potential and working on talents towards self dependence. We encourage self motivated learning with openness to new ideas and technology. Learning at Ethos is a right blend of information and practice. We understand the significance of modern as well as traditional culture and strive to strike a perfect harmony and balance between the two helping you to evolve personality based on best of both. That’s why people believe that ethosians are leaders through excellence.

The approach

Ethos Educare has a commitment and passion for highest quality education and creating a society of complete men and women. For this the approach followed is of visionary planning and highly professional management which includes

  • Setting high but realistic standards and goals.
  • Scientific and systematic planning and execution.
  • Continuous self appraisal and reorganization.
  • Creating environment of creative thinking and growth.
  • Faculty and student exchange program.
  • Focus on student and trust in their abilities.
  • Career planning and development.
  • Flexibility of learning and career options.
  • Development of soft skills
  • Making education a great fun and prime interest of life.


  • Ethos Educare is all set to bring about education revolution with an objectives like new age education, education for all, continuing education etc.
  • Ethos Educare is the premier organization committed to meaningful education and holistic development of personalities.
  • Ethos Educare is totally focused on student oriented, personality dependent, flexible and practical courses.
  • The specially designed courses keeping in view the current vocational scenario and anticipated future needs to give an edge over time.
  • Association with Ethos is not one time affair; it’s a life long relationship with organizational network.

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