Disclaimer – Terms & Conditions

Disclaimer – Terms & Conditions

Ethos Educare and Ethos Universe are offering Self Study Courses and these are not affiliated to any university. Ethos Educare and Ethos Universe do not offer any university degree or diploma.


Number and Gender. – Singular, plural, male, female and neuter gender shall also refer to the others as per need. We and us –  Ethos Educare, Ethos Universe, Ethos Healthcare and all associated people. You – The student or any other person or organization receiving the services. Course – Distance learning course designed and developed by us or others. Course Materials – The materials related to the course provided by us or others to study the course.

Course Materials

Course material for courses is specially designed to give you in-depth understanding of course and is checked for correctness. However we do not guarantee and take no responsibility of course material to be complete and / or error free. For some courses you will get study material from reputed institutes.

Cancelling, Switching or Transferring Course

Once joined cancelling, switching or transferring courses in any form are not allowed. No communication will be entertained in this regard.


Once joined refund in any form is not allowed. No communication will be entertained in this regard.


We shall not be liable to any person or organization for losses or damages that were caused by anything beyond our control. No liability shall ever exceed the course fees under any condition or circumstances whatsoever.


All payments must be made upfront before joining the course.


We reserve the right to refuse enrolment on any of the courses we offer.


We own all rights including copyright of all course material prepared and provided by us. Similarly other institutes have the copyright of the material supplied by them.
Any incident or such attempt to copy or any other use of all or any part of it without our expressed permission is strictly prohibited and will face legal action.

Changes in Terms and Conditions

We reserve the rights to add, delete, change or modify any part or whole of terms and conditions at our sole discretion. You agree not to raise any objection to it anywhere whatsoever.


Ethos offers only self study certificate courses. These courses are not University Courses. We do not offer University recognized Diplomas and Degrees. Some courses are created by Ethos Educare and for others support will be provided to students to learn using courses from best institutes around the world. These courses are designed for self study and development in a field of your choice. These courses are not supposed to give you legal authority or permission to claim expertise or use these courses as license for work. You are not supposed to use prefix Dr or Doctor. For any such purpose please contact competent authorities of your country or area.

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