• What are the benefits of Ethos Educare Courses?

There are many like:

  • Success and growth in life
  • Reputation and social recognition
  • Self satisfaction
  • Flexibility
  • Cost and time affordability
  • Wide range of choice
  • Convenience
  • Stress free learning 

When can I join my course?

You may join anytime throughout the year as per your suitability.

Can I join more than one course?

Yes you may join more than one course at a time.

What should be the eligibility?

These courses are for everyone with basic education. The basic purpose of these courses is self learning.

Can I pay in installments?

We do not have installment payment facility.

Are there any hidden charges?

There are no hidden charges.

What if I fail?

The courses are so designed that one can easily learn and get good grades.

Do I need extra study matter?

You do not need extra matter for these courses but it is always better to supplement your knowledge base.

What should be the duration of my course?

This entirely depends on your suitability. You may study at your own pace.

Is there any practical training?

These courses are designed to enhance self learning. Due to worldwide presence it is not possible to have practical training.

Do I need to take leave for my course study?

No, it’s not required. You can study at your own free time.

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