The importance of sexual experimentation in a relationship .

Sexual experimentation in a relationship can be fulfilling and re-spark the flame in your relationship.

Experimenting in the bedroom and exploring your sexual interests can do wonders for a relationship especially long term relationships.

Spice it up.

As amazing as sex is and can be, after time sex can become boring in some relationships. You can fight boredom and a feeling of the same old routine by experimenting sexually with your partner.

It is important to realize that if your sex life is becoming routine or lacking a certain spark, this isn’t always a sign that the relationship is going sour. In fact it can be a great chance to take a step back and be creative and get the spark back.

Trying new positions, introducing sex toys into the bedroom, having sex in new places, and adding foreplay to you and your partner’s sex life can be just the boost you need to spice it up.

Sexual experimentation helps build a bond.

If you have been in your relationship for a while, you’ve likely developed a certain level of comfort and trust with your partner. Exploring new sexual activities such as the use of sex toys or trying new positions can be exciting and fun.

Working together to look up sex tips or having fun trying to get into a new position can really help bring the two of your closer together.

Remember to have fun when trying out new things in your sex life. A sense of humor can go a long way in breaking up tension or awkwardness in a relationship so go into sexual experimentation with your partner knowing that it might not always go as planned.

Being able to laugh and relax during sex with your partner is important. As you try out new things and experiment with different locations, positions, toys, and techniques you’ll be working as a team to overcome any obstacles in the way and bonding at the same time.

Sexual experimentation boosts libido.

If you or your partner haven’t been feeling in the mood lately or the sex isn’t as hot and heavy as it was when you first stated dating, don’t play the blame game. As we become used to a partner or used to a sexual routine, our sex drive can decrease.

Part of being human is that we become accustomed to certain things, we just end up getting used to our partner and our routines. Breaking those routines can bring your sex drive back up and bring you and your partner closer together.

Stress from work, school, and other issues can kill even the most voracious of sexual individuals. Take time out from your day or night to have alone time with your partner.

Talk about things you’d like to try during sex and work out what you are both comfortable with before trying new sexual things. Your or your partner might be surprised to discover what you might enjoy together.

When it is time to try some new things sexually with your partner, eliminate distractions and focus on the task at hand. Nothing kills the mood like ringing phones and a big to do list. Try to block it all out and enjoy the heat of the moment with your partner.

Sexual experimentation can mean trying a new position, bringing toys into your sex life, or really whatever you and your partner can think of. There are lots of ways to enjoy sex with your partner and experimenting can help you and them find what you both like or don’t like.

You may be surprised by what turns you on and at the same time you will both be working together, and bonding while doing so, to keep your sex life in peak shape.

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